Work from home – or Bora Bora – in pajama pants & slippers with coffee in hand

Hey guys! 2020 was a wild year, and I feel you; I was working as an event sales manager when I was laid off last spring because helloOo canceled weddings… Then I fell into online teaching – which I might never have found otherwise – and I totally freakin’ love it! 🌈 Are you lookingContinue reading “Work from home – or Bora Bora – in pajama pants & slippers with coffee in hand”

Stop Trying. Start Living.

I’m going to change it up this week and talk about something a little different. Not to make light of our current pandemic by any means – hope y’all are doing ok, and God bless everyone affected 💜 – but there is a(nother) quiet epidemic going on in this world that I find rather annoyingContinue reading “Stop Trying. Start Living.”

2020: The Year of the Dormant Traveler

It’s hard to believe that this is the very first time I’m writing about the pandemic. Many times over the past year I’ve thought: Shouldn’t I be journaling about this? If for nothing else, for my future kiddos to read? For history’s sake? But I never did. Not once. I suppose I found it allContinue reading “2020: The Year of the Dormant Traveler”

LIVE THE DREAM: Travel the World While Teaching English Online!

Hey there! I’m Lynne from Narnia a.k.a. northern Vermont. And I’m here to make your world-traveling dreams come true. Well, I’ll help you get there sister / brother / friend! Just think of me as your Fairy Godmother. 🧚✨ Now that we have a close personal relationship, let me tell you a bit about myself.Continue reading “LIVE THE DREAM: Travel the World While Teaching English Online!”