LIVE THE DREAM: Travel the World While Teaching English Online!

Hey there! I’m Lynne from Narnia a.k.a. northern Vermont. And I’m here to make your world-traveling dreams come true. Well, I’ll help you get there sister / brother / friend! Just think of me as your Fairy Godmother. 🧚✨

Now that we have a close personal relationship, let me tell you a bit about myself.

Hmm, which of these identities is true of me?

  1. Tiny strawberry-haired musician 🍓 🎹
  2. Wife to my charming British hubby (guess where we met?) 🇬🇧 🇬🇷
  3. Mama to a goofy Great Dane pup 🐄
  4. World Travel & NOLA enthusiast! 🌍 ⚜
  5. ESL teacher to the cutest Chinese / Japanese kids E.V.E.R. 🇨🇳 🇯🇵

Ding, ding, ding! 🎉

Okay here’s a little more about me in ¶ form:

I grew up running barefoot in the woods of VT (cue the White Christmas harmony “Snow, Snow, Snow, Snow, Snow!” 🎶). Yep, about as idyllic a childhood as you can imagine… 18 years later I flew literally as far away as possible in the US to study music in SoCal. This wasn’t (just) because I was desperate to escape cow country, but because there has always been a fire in me to travel & explore. I’m convinced I get this from my super cool dad who studied super cool subjects like Arabic & Middle Eastern Studies and went on wild adventures in Greenland and Lebanon and… well, everywhere! Anywho, after my California curiosity was satiated (gnarly wave bro!) my nomadic spirit led me all over the place for over a decade. From my new home base in NYC / Brooklyn, I bounced around to Australia, Iceland (x2), Italy (x2), France, Switzerland, Greece, Czech Republic, Thailand, England, Costa Rica, the Bahamas & more…✈️

What has been the highlight of my travels thus far? So glad you asked! I met my dashing English husband on an olive plantation in Greece. 💞 This is a true story for another time. It’s just too good to condense.

Fast-forward to this very moment and, well, given that we’ve just come out of 2020 (y’all doing ok??), travel plans are sadly on hold for the time being… BUT! I am honestly so stoked to say that after dozens of soul-sucking jobs (most recently as a sales manager which, you guys, felt like trying to force magnets of the same charge together), I am working 100% from home at a job that I love: teaching English to adorable Chinese & Japanese students! And for a co. that allows you not only to be in complete control of your own day-to-day schej, but to teach remotely from ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD! 🌍 Whaaat? Most ESL companies require that you are in either the US or Canada. But not this one. And it’s awesome. Umm and I have the potential to make even more than I was making as a manager. Is this even real life?! 🤯

Allow me to introduce you to:

‘.¸¸ . ✶¨. ¸ .✫¨.¸¸.✶¨‘✫ VIPKid {}

Quick prerequisite to note: A Bachelor’s Degree is required. However, you do not need to have an ESL certification, as this course / certification becomes available to you after being hired! A bit about my relevant background from your wish-granting FG: After studying music, I changed my major to TESL & ultimately earned my Bachelor’s in Elementary Ed. I worked as a lead preschool teacher at a Korean preschool in LA and earned my TEFL certification from an intensive course in Koh Samui, Thailand. In 2011 people. Why did it take me so long to discover this gem?! I wish it hadn’t, which is why I am here as your magical fairy. 💫 With sparkles. ✨ Like I imagine every other person, traveling is one of the loves of my life, and for me that was one of the biggest draws of VIPKid: full flexibility & control of your own schedule, and the ability to work from anywhere!

That’s the dream isn’t it?! I mean you could spontaneously book a flight to Bora Bora and teach sweet kids from your exotic straw hut in the middle of the tropical sea, sipping out of a coconut between classes! 🌴🥥🌺 Ok maybe that’s a bit romantic… but possible! FREEDOM, you guys! It’s the TICKET to make your wold-traveling dreams come true! Pun totally intended. And more than that, teaching English to littles is so rewarding and can truly be so much fun. (This coming from the biggest child at heart you’ve ever not met.) I freaked out before my first class, but 10 seconds into it, my nerves just flew out the window and I was hooked… and here I am hundreds of classes later with tons of regular students who have made me laugh & smile so much it hurts my cheeks. It’s one of the best feelings ever to see your students progressing and it just fills me up to the brim. On that note, I’ll take a sangria filled to the brim, por favor! 🍹

So… what’s on your bucket list my sweet friend? Is it sky diving over the Swiss Alps? Hiking in New Zealand? An African safari? 🦁 “Nants ingonyama bagithi Baba Sithi uhm ingonyama!” (That’s the Lion King intro, in case you’re not fluent in Zulu.) Or maybe it’s swinging on a hammock in Bali or restoring the heart of Te Fiti? I mean… taking surf lessons in Hawaii? 🏄‍♀️ YOU CAN!! Working remotely opens up soOo many possibilities it’s bananas. B-A-N-A-N-A-S. 🍌🍌🍌 It’s an exciting prospect isn’t it?!

As for me & my love, as soon as it’s a little more safe to do so, it means that we’ll be packing up our 150 lb. baby (our goofy Great Dane) and moving back to our fave city: NOLA! 🐊 Who dat? ⚜ It will be the first time I’ve uprooted – and there have been many, many times – where I won’t have to stress and run around like a chicken with my head cut off the moment I arrive 🐔 …going on endless job interviews until I ultimately settle for one that’s not the right fit and spend the next gray-toned year just going through the motions, ever-daydreaming about that one vacation a year (or even just the weekend, or 5 o’clock). Sound familiar? Well no more, my friends!

Are you ready to open up a world of possibilities and actually do that dang working-from-home thing you’ve always dreamt of doing? Start TODAY & slay all day! Like Bey. 💃 *Throws Confetti*

Use my referral link to help you get started : )

The application process is super straight-forward. Really, they couldn’t make it easier and offer oodles of friendly guidance at every step. AND, if you use my handy dandy referral link, I will personally help guide you through the entire hiring process and happily ever after, to help you with everything from getting bookings and building your schedule to passing the many certifications VIPKid offers, and more! With hundreds of classes under my belt, there are so many helpful little tips I wish I’d known when I started out, which I would love to share with you! Just comment down below or drop me a line in the virtual cafe. ☕ I’ll also be posting helpful tips every month as I learn more & more in my VIPKid journey, so stay tuned!

If I had you at 🌴 Bora Bora 🌴 and you are ready to embrace your inner child and start this life-giving journey to freedom & fun and the infinite opportunities it brings, use my referral link and get crackin’! And if you have any questions at all, please say hello and I will absolutely follow up with you!!

Sending the warmest wishes from my winter wonderland to yours… ❄️

💖 Lynne

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